Goodfish has been set up to help you understand what fish is sustainable and to help you buy it in Sussex.

There is a focus on 'Coast Friendly' fish and a pledge has been established to help support people who trade in this fish. A sister web site has been set up to show how this operates and provides information and evidence about the scheme.

There are problems with the fishing industry that need fixing, but the small boats and inshore fishing methods of inshore day fishermen along our coasts are less damaging to the environment and in particular because they do not disturb the seabed. This is the basis of the 'Coast Friendly' pledge and Goodfish.


Benefits of an improved coast

Many juvenile fish breed and grow inshore using the estuaries and near shore environment, so better protection of their habitat could enhance fish stocks and therefore the fishing industry generally.

Larger areas with an undisturbed sea bed could develop greater natural structure and biodiversity and further enhance fisheries. Specifically for fish, rare Allis and Twaite Shad, skates, cat sharks, rays sea horses and shellfish would be better protected with enhanced populations.

The sister web site seeks to provide some evidence supporting this new approach to encourage consumer power to encourage change.

link here to the evidence pages

It would seem totally logical and precautionary to have some areas protected from unnatural disturbance, where juvenile fish can thrive and repopulate other areas: but that's just Goodfish thinking - or is it you too?


Other things you can do to help

Link to Fish_Fighters_Toolkit

Support the Wildlife Trusts' Living Seas campaign

Living Seas


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Find 'Coast Friendly' fish

'Coast Friendly' is a label for those trading in fish that is caught from the small (under 10 metres long) boats. Goodfish will seek to provide the dates and locations showing when fish is being sold so you can get down there and support our local fishermen and get some lovely fish. Fishmongers who also pledge to sell this fish when available will also be shown on the map with their contact details.

Those in the scheme pledge to:

  • Trade in 'Coast Friendly' fish when it is available
  • Tell you which fish are 'Coast Friendly' if you ask
    • Even if you cannot get the actual Coast Friendly fish each time, supporting the business will help make a difference as they will trade in it when available.

      Smply click on the Buy Coast Friendly menu tab or click here to find these fish


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